Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre


The "Companions" are an extension of our Community. They are Christian people who have asked to journey alongside us, sharing our Paschal Spirituality. The initial commitment for three years comes with an encouragement to pray, to serve and join us and each other when possible for liturgical celebrations, for social gatherings, cultural and spiritual moments and to take part in the mission aspects of our canonical life. These moments enable us all to support, encourage and challenge each other to widen the Community. The experience has been enriching for us all. The Mini Easter Event; the annual Bradwell Evening Prayer in July, celebration of Foundation Day in October, the annual Mass for the Dead in November, beginning Advent together - these are some key moments in our journeying as a wider group.

During the preparation time for our 2011 General Chapter  Companions were involved with us in exploring the theme of Solidarity. Some were able to attend a part of the Chapter and others helped with the running of this six yearly international meeting. In the on-going work after the Chapter we are looking together at what is significant for us now and how we can spread the richness of the experience even more widely.

We welcome anyone who knows us and desires this involvement to contact Sister Diana for more information.

Many people are involved with the community in different ways - we are always looking to involve others in each of the areas where we live and work. 

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