Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre

Living in Community

Living In Community

Through the fire of love, we are of one mind
and one heart on the way to God. (St. Augustine)
Common Life is the centre of our living as Regular Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre. (Constitutions 1.2)

Looking for women to be our companions on our journey we come to live in community, and following the inspiration of the Early Church, we live a life that is expressed through community, praying together as part of the people of God, and working in the service of the people around us.

The inspiration and strength nourishing all our endeavours comes from our Community life of faith, hope and love, which is rooted in constant prayer and which has Jesus Christ at its heart.

Our Constitutions and charism help us live our Community life in mutuality and collegiality, as we discern together to make decisions which reflect our desire to follow Christ, and are life-giving for ourselves, our local communities and our world.

Our Community life is lived in a dynamic relationship with our local communities - in collaboration with others - open, inclusive and hospitable.

The life we live in our Community means that:

  • We share with others what we have and what we are.


  • We live in LOVE by giving ourselves entirely to God and each other, with openness of mind towards each other.


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