Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre

 General Chapter X

The theme of our most recent General Chapter in July 2011 was:

Weaving threads of solidarity:
 amongst ourselves; within our world;
 with our planet.

Weaving Threads Of Solidarity - GCX

Every six years there is a General Chapter - an international gathering at which there are delegates from each Priory of the Association.

At the General Chapters the Association works towards statements which give inspiration to the Communities worldwide.

Declaration - General Chapter X

Solidarity is at the heart of the Trinity and at the heart of creation.

As God is the origin of our existence we share one destiny with all creation. For that reason we have to take care of the earth and all who live in it. The fundamental question, 'Where are you?' (Gen.3:9 ) is calling us to solidarity.

In our Association, whether we are smaller, ageing Communities, or younger, more vital communities, we share the same prophetic task of pointing the way to new life, and weaving threads of hope and solidarity. In our fragility we all walk the same path from death to life, experiencing the deep meaning of the Paschal Mystery.

  1. Made in the image of God we feel called to re-create the world as 'holy ground', weaving threads of solidarity in order to give the world a new face, partners with God in this work of re-creation.
  2. We are called to relearn this solidarity each day by recognizing our vulnerability as human beings while making a choice to live in a discipleship of equals with all people of good will (Lk.2:14).
  3. As women we are all called to nurture life and are challenged to see the threads of solidarity everywhere around us. Even with our limitations we can, with creativity and persistence, give witness to truth and justice, living simply in solidarity with the poor and with the planet.
  4. As women religious we want to claim our liminal place within a church that is also fragile. As Canonesses our charism inspires and challenges us to build community around us, where women and men are equally valued as 'living stones' (1 Pet.2:5), inviting them to participate in their own way in our canonical charism, combining tradition and creativity.

Finally we ask ourselves this question, 'to whom have we linked our destiny?'  We find an answer in recognizing God's presence in each other, each of our Priories, in the Association and in our world and planet.