Canonesses of the Holy Sepulchre

Unveiling of mural depicting reconstruction of Buckfast Abbey

S.Mary Stephen has been working over a long period of time with S. Joanna Jamieson OSB of Stanbrook Abbey to create a large mural for the Visitors' Refectory at Buckfast. 

The mural depicts the history of the building of Buckfast between 1907 and 1937, built by five of the monks.  It was unveiled on the 2nd April 2014. 

The depictions of the monks in the mural were based on photographs taken at the time.

 Buckfast Alec 1 50%

 IMG_6741 50%

 Buckfast Alec 3IMG_6745 50%

 Buckfast Alec 2 50%

Buckfast Alec 4 50% 

IMG_6740 50% 

 Michael 8 DSC_2036 50%

 Michael 6 DSC_2075 50%

 Michael 5 DSC_2079 50%

 Michael 7 DSC_2071 50%

 With Patricia Routledge

 Michael 2 DSC_2093 50%

 Michael 9 DSC_2011 50%

 Michael 4 DSC_2083 50%

 IMG_6746 50%